Shop for Tile Flooring in Bothell, WA

Liven up the look of your space when you shop with us for new tile flooring in Bothell, WA. Finishing Touch Floors is proud to provide a wide array of wall and floor tiles that deliver modern styles in any part of a home or business. When you visit our showroom, you will enjoy access to countless product options at the right price. Speak with us today to learn more about our materials for your location.

Wall and Floor Tiles That Inspire

A staple in most interiors, tile has evolved through the latest digital and printing technologies. This durable and beautiful material is a popular option for every room in a home.

With a vast variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and finishes to choose from, tile is the right solution for almost any design problem. Whether you are shopping for bathroom or kitchen tiles, you are sure to find something stunning when you visit our showroom. We invite you to visit us to explore your options from the following top names:

Kitchen Tiles for Every Home
From cooking to entertaining, you use your kitchen for a number of different purposes. With all of the time you spend in this space, you deserve a room that you are proud to call your own.

Bring your design ideas to life and create a bright room with our selection of kitchen tiles. We make it easy to achieve your goals with our collection of floor and wall tiles. Visit us to choose our quartz countertops and other products to enhance your cooking area.

Bold and Vibrant Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom may be a small space, but it is an important part of any home. With a new set of bathroom tiles, you will make this area shine. Our selection includes endless options that fit with master, half, and guest bathrooms of all sizes.

Your Tile Installation Service

Once you have chosen your new wall and floor tiles, work with us for a smooth finish to your job. Our experienced contractors are available to perform a complete tile installation throughout your home or business. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure the project is handled to the highest standard.

Contact us to discover more on our collection of tile flooring for your location. We carry top options throughout Snohomish and King Counties.